Hybridelec: Objectives of the research

Pico-grid et kit photovoltaïque, Cotonou, Bénin (photo Mélanie Rateau, 2017)

The Hybridelec research is adressing the issue of the hybridization of electrification configurations in”Southern Cities” fuelled by the emergence of off-grid devices and logics of unachieved “infrastructuralisation”. By hybridization, we mean the coalescence – technically and politically complex – of various technical worlds of production, distribution and power consumption, of different scales, isolated or interconnected at the margin. Such processes are currently overlooked by research foscusing on rural electrification and research concentrating on new technologies implemented in a few spaces in big metropolis of the developping and emerging countries. Continuer la lecture de « Hybridelec: Objectives of the research »

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